Announcement: Big Changes for Suzi Pix Photography | Cincinnati Pet Photographer

July 01, 2015  •  1 Comment

Big changes are in store for Suzi Pix Photography and I wanted you to hear it here first. I will be moving from Cincinnati to California in a couple of months. It's a big change and one I'm still working out, as far as when the move will happen. The BF has already moved for his job and Mr. Bojangles, Stella, and I are getting the packing done and our place in order to rent out. It's a daunting job for one person and two dogs, especially, when one of those dogs likes to sleep 24/7. "Work like a dog." Yeah, right.  We are excited about the move and the prospects it brings, as well as the fact we won't have to deal with the snow and ice; of course, there are trade-offs and now we'll have to worry about water rationing, forest fires, and earthquakes. Oh my. On the plus side, we get beautiful scenery, a vibrant city, and the ocean. I'm also hoping it will be good for business as San Francisco is a dog kind of town. Mr. Bojangles is looking forward to all the new friends he will meet and new places to explore. Stella is not looking forward to the move, since she hates going for car rides and gets car sick. I just hope the essential oils, Thundershirt, and Calming Collar all help to ease her troubles. So, you're probably wondering what this means for Suzi Pix Photography clients past, present, and future? Well, it means that I will have limited availability in the local area for sessions, so you will need to schedule in advance for certain times of the year. As my parents still live in Cincinnati, I will be coming back as frequently as possible to visit them, and can accommodate sessions during those periods of time. I will put up notice of available dates and times, well in advance, so sessions can be booked. If you need a session right away and it is not during a time I will be in town, I can refer you to another talented local pet photographer.

I will be continuing to operate a pet photography business in California, and am looking forward to the new opportunities in such a pet friendly area as the San Francisco Bay Area. In order to keep it simple for clients in Ohio and clients in California, I am going to operate under a different name in California, so that I can maintain my current Suzi Pix website, and not cause confusion as to where I am located. So, for the Greater Cincinnati area, Suzi Pix Photography will still be in business, although on a more limited basis.

However, FOR NOW it is business as usual and, with that being said, if you book a session by July 12, 2015, for completion by August 16, 2015, you will receive a $100 print credit on any standard or extended session (does not apply to Silver Paw Legacy Sessions). As always, you can use the hot pink "BOOK NOW" button to the right of this post or email us at suzi [at] or give us a call at 513-288-1650.


Congratulations! Enjoy Cali.
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