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June 12, 2015  •  4 Comments

Week 24 of professional pet photography blog circle Project 52 has the theme of "Gardens." I was stumped for a while on what to do for our photo shoot as I don't know of many gardens around here with flowers (and had this same problem for our Week 22 theme of "Pets in Bloom.") However, my problem was quickly solved when I went out in my backyard and saw that my Asiatic Lilies were starting to bloom. Score! 

While I love beautiful flowers, I am not much of a gardener and do not have a green thumb (more like the black thumb of death), so the fact that my Asiatic Lilies continue to bloom year-after-year is a source of great delight. Of course, in the eight years since I've lived in my current home, I've had to supplement them a couple of times as not all of them come back every year. Most of them are pink and I also had some burgundy and white ones, but I think the pink ones are the only ones that keep coming back. I love this little corner garden in my backyard and am only sad that they have such a short lifespan. I really wish they would keep blooming all summer, because it is a nice splash of color in my backyard. The only other flowers I have back there (besides the ones that grow on weeds) are my two hydrangea bushes, which, thankfully, have come back every year since I planted them. However, they are about the fourth type of plant that I had in that spot and the only successful ones to date. They are only just beginning to bloom, so will add the spot of color in the backyard after the lilies have lost their blooms.

So, for our theme of "Gardens" I plopped Mr. Bojangles in the flower bed and took some pictures. The area behind our fence is a big open field that is popular with kids playing ball...which they were doing at the time of our photo shoot, so Mr. Bojangles is paying attention to them and not me.

Now to see pets in gardens around the world, head over to Sydney & MAC Portrait Boutique - Washington DC Metro Area, and then around the rest of the blog circle until you end up back here.

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Suzi Pix Photography
Thanks, Marianne!
Marianne Cherry(non-registered)
love that profile on Mr. B! he is just too too cute. Love the composition, especially in that last image.
Suzi Pix Photography
Thanks, Elaine! I love this gazing ball, because it looks like stained glass and so pretty when the sun hits it. I only wish I had weeded a little bit better before I took these pictures. LOL!
Elaine Tweedy(non-registered)
I am now convinced I need to have a gazing ball. I love Mr. Bojangles, and your lilies!
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